2018 Annual Meeting - Maui | September 16-19, 2018

The 73rd WMA annual meeting will take place at the Wailea Beach Resort in Maui, Hawaii. Over 150 licensees and guests will gather, network and have fun.


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Annual Meeting Agenda

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Example of agenda for the 2018 Annual Meeting

Wailea Beach Resort | September 16-19, 2018

Where to Stay

  • Wailea Beach & Ulua Beach (0.1 miles)
  • 4 water slides
  • 3 pools including two new oceanfront pools with hot tubs & cabanas
  • Mandara spa
  • Wailea golf club (on-site)

Room Rates per Night

Plan early and book your room early.

Once our room block is full, the next set of rooms may be at a higher price - so the sooner you book, the better price you will likely get. We have 50 rooms booked on peak nights. We expect them to go fast. IF you have any issues, please let us know so we can investigate further.

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History of WMA Annual Meetings

  Date Location President Term
73rd September 2018 Maui, HI Dale Cameron 2017-2018
72nd September 2017 Jackson Hole, WY Tanya Early 2016-2017
71st October 2016 Marco Island, FL Beth Cooper 2015-2016
70th September 2015 Chicago, IL Robert Chandler 2014-2015
69th September 2014 Las Vegas, NV Jason Elmore 2013-2014
68th September 2013 New Orleans, LA Boyd Anderson 2012-2013
67th September 2012 Monterey, CA Tommy Abbate 2011-2012
66th September 2011 Southampton, Bermuda Graham MacLeod 2010-2011
65th September 2010 Albuquerque, NM Chris Wood 2009-2010
64th September 2009 Destin, FL Steve Turner 2008-2009
63rd September 2008 Santa Barbara, CA John Colbert 2007-2008
62nd September 2007 Washington, DC Randy Fehrenbacher 2006-2007
61st September 2006 Vail, CO Tom Josten 2005-2006
60th September 2005 Key West, FL Marvin Smith 2004-2005
59th September 2004 Girdwood, AK Greg May 2003-2004
58th September 2003 Montreal, Canada Earnest O. Markham 2002-2003
57th September 2002 Chicago, IL Steve Velker 2001-2002
56th February 2002 Naples, FL Holly Baxter Bridgers 2000-2001
56th September 2001* Montreal, Canada Holly Baxter Bridgers 2000-2001
The 56th Annual Meeting of the WMA was scheduled for Montreal on September 23-26, 2001...210 were registered to attend.  On September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center twin towers were destroyed by terrorist actions.  For the first time in the Association's history, an Annual Meeting was canceled.  The meeting was rescheduled for the following February and held in Naples, Florida.
55th September 2000 Tucson, AZ Steven M. Bush 1999-2000
54th September 1999 Newport, RI Brad Johnson 1998-1999
53rd September 1998 Coronado, CA Dennis P. Welzenbach 1997-1998
52nd September 1997 Hilton Head, SC Jeffrey B. Roland 1996-1997
51st September 1996 Durango, CO Jack Swihart 1995-1996
50th September 1995 Southampton, Bermuda William. C. Sword 1994-1995
49th September 1994 Chicago, IL Paul E. Cooper 1993-1994
48th September 1993 Seattle, WA Mel Lewis 1992-1993
47th September 1992 Hot Springs, VA Glenn C. Colbert 1991-1992
46th September 1991 Tucson, AZ Terry L. Walgamuth 1990-1991
45th September 1990 New Orleans, LA David J. Brugger 1989-1990
44th September 1989 Toronto, Canada John S. Markham 1988-1989
43rd September 1988 Kansas City, MO F. Coll Bowen, III 1987-1988
42nd September 1987 Williamsburg, VA F. Coll Bowen, III 1986-1987
41st September 1986 San Francisco, VA George A. Morey, Jr. 1985-1986
40th September 1985 Palm Beach, FL Robert F. Richards* 1984-1985
39th September 1984 Chicago, IL Jerry H. Bickes 1983-1984
38th September 1983 Minneapolis, MN Jerry H. Bickes 1982-1983
37th September 1982 Nashville, TN Thomas P. Conlin 1981-1982
36th September 1981 Lake Tahoe, NV W. Barry Box 1980-1981
35th September 1980 Colorado Springs, CO W. Barry Box 1979-1980
 34th September 1979 Sea Island, GA W. Marshall Ouzts* 1978-1979
 33rd September 1978 San Antonio, TX James E. Cloud 1977-1978
 32nd September 1977 Chicago, IL Richard B. Elmore 1976-1977
 31st September 1976 Mexico City, Mexico Paul L. Taylor 1975-1976
 30th September 1975 Hollywood, FL Francis H. Hecox 1974-1975
 29th September 1974 Kansas City, MO Robert T. Bell 1973-1974
 28th September 1973 Boston, MA E. Paul Hoover 1972-1973
 27th September 1972 Denver, CO Dewey H. Woodworth 1971-1972
 26th September 1971 Chicago, IL Henry Hilton* 1970-1971
 25th September 1970 Atlanta, GA William H. Maddox, Jr. 1969-1970
 24th September 1969 San Francisco, CA Jack F. Roland 1968-1969
 23rd September 1968 Montreal, Canada John T. Butler 1967-1968
 22nd September 1967 New Orleans, LA William R. Luckfield 1966-1967
 21st September 1966 Chicago, IL Howard H. Schnure* 1965-1966
 20th September 1965 Hollywood, FL G. Alfred Whitcomb 1964-1965
 19th September 1964 Las Vegas, NV Roy C. Young 1963-1964
 18th September 1963 New York, NY James Ed Mead* 1962-1963
 17th September 1962 New Orleans, LA Myles L. Horton* 1961-1962
 16th September 1961 Chicago, IL Henry A. Koch* 1960-1961
 15th September 1960 St. Paul, MN Henry O. Swingle* 1959-1960
 14th September 1959 Chicago, IL Leslie W. Kunkel* 1958-1959
 13th September 1958 Bal Harbour, FL Leslie W. Kunkel* 1957-1958
 12th September 1957 Kansas City, MO Richard G. Reichle* 1956-1957
 11th September 1956 Chicago, IL Richard G. Reichle* 1955-1956
 10th September 1955 Washington, D.C. Bert G. Martin* 1954-1955
 9th September 1954 Chicago, IL Wesley M. Chandler* 1953-1954
 8th September 1953 Atlanta, GA Charles F. Sloan* 1952-1953
 7th September 1952 Chicago, IL Paul L. Keating* 1951-1952
 6th September 1951 Chicago, IL Roger F. Williams* 1950-1951
 5th September 1950 Chicago, IL Roger F. Williams* 1949-1950
 4th September 1949 Boston, MA Frank C. Bowen, Sr.* 1948-1949
 3rd September 1948 Chicago, IL Jack Hamilton* 1947-1948
 2nd September 1947 Chicago, IL Roger F. Williams* 1946-1947
 1st September 1946 St. Louis, MO Wilbert W. Haase* 1945-1946
 Inaugural September 1945 Buffalo, NY Wilbert W. Haase* 1944-1945


More than 200 licensees and guests usually attend the WMA Annual Meeting. Don't miss this importunity to network with other Wilbert licensees.