2017 Jackson Hole Annual Meeting Registrations (as of 9/20/2017)

Last Name First Name Region Company Name
Abbate Tommy Northeast Elm-Cap Industries
Abbate Cheryl Northeast Elm-Cap Industries
Allen Doug Central Tri-State Wilbert Vault
Anderson Boyd South Wilbert Greenville
Anderson Colt South Wilbert Greenville
Anderson Lisa Other WMA Executive Director
Arduini Kiel Central Sterling Vault
Banks Elish Central Sterling Vault
Banks Greg Central Sterling Vault
Bates Mark Northeast Norwalk Vault
Bates Nikki Northeast Norwalk Vault
Bates Alex Northeast Norwalk Vault
Baxter Darren Central Baxter Burial Vault
Bickes Cory Central Bickes Inc.
Bickes Kurt Central Bickes Inc.
Bickes Wendy Central Bickes Inc.
Bolton Jim South Bolton Concrete
Bolton Amie South Bolton Concrete
Bowen Glen South Piedmont Precast
Bowen Coll South Piedmont Precast
Bowen Sally South Piedmont Precast
Brokaw Dennis West Oregon Wilbert
Brokaw Kristi West Oregon Wilbert
Brutsche Mickey Central Brutsche Concrete Products
Brutsche Tim Central Brutsche Concrete Products
Brutsche Beth Central Brutsche Concrete Products
Burgess Steve Northeast Carr Concrete
Cameron Dale South Piedmont Precast
Cameron Renee South Piedmont Precast
Cameron Grace South Piedmont Precast
Carroll Ted Central Calumet Wilbert Vault
Casada Rodney South Wilbert Vault of Somerset
Casada Connie South Wilbert Vault of Somerset
Casada Wilburn Whitney South Wilbert Vault of Somerset
Chandler Jordan West Memorial Monuments
Chandler Addy West Memorial Monuments
Christenberry Terry Other WFSI
Colbert John West Automatic Wilbert Vault
Colbert Gabriele West Automatic Wilbert Vault
Cooper Beth Northeast Cooper Wilbert
Cooper Zayan Northeast Cooper Wilbert
Cooper Oliver Northeast Cooper Wilbert
Cooper Evelyn Northeast Cooper Wilbert
Cooper Joanne Northeast Cooper Wilbert
Cooper Paul Northeast Cooper Wilbert
Crispyn Paul Other Hiab USA
Crummitt Rick Central Crummit & Son
Dean Todd Northeast Richards-Wilbert
Dean Kelly Northeast Richards-Wilbert
DeFrance Jeff Central Peoria Wilbert Vault
DeFrance Kelley Central Peoria Wilbert Vault
DeWilde Randy Other Holland Supply
DeWilde R.J. Other Holland Supply
Early Tanya Central Ohio Vault Works
Eastman Garett Central Wilbert Vault Indianapolis
Eastman Rachel Central Wilbert Vault Indianapolis
Ellis Jessica Other WENZCO Supplies
Elmore Jason West Omaha Wilbert
Elmore Alicia West Omaha Wilbert
Fairchild Brent Other Wilbert Foundation
Fehrenbacher Randy Central Bickes Inc.
Fehrenbacher MaryPat Central Bickes Inc.
Ferraro Mario Northeast Mead Wilbert
Ferrell Michael Northeast Wilbert of Pittsburgh
Ferrell Nancy Northeast Wilbert of Pittsburgh
Garrity Cristina Other WENZCO Supplies
Hafen Scott West Southern Utah Vault
Hafen Beverly West Southern Utah Vault
Harris Tim West Memorial Monuments
Harris Peggy West Memorial Monuments
Hart Ted Other WFSI
Hart Anita Other WFSI
Hatcher Ed Other Hiab USA
Hatcher Phyllis Other Hiab USA
Hecox Ryan Central Burlington IA Wilbert Vault 
Henery Brett West Wilbert Vaults of Houston
Henery Amanda West Wilbert Vaults of Houston
Higgins Mike Northeast Baltimore Wilbert
Higgins Lisa Northeast Baltimore Wilbert
Houk Dan West Wilbert Precast
Houk Lori West Wilbert Precast
Hurt Danny South Bickes Inc.
Hurt Christi South Bickes Inc.
Johnson Brad West Western Wilbert Vault
Johnson MaryAnn West Western Wilbert Vault
Josten Linda West Josten Wilbert Vault
Josten Sandy West Josten Wilbert Vault
King John Central West Michigan Burial Vault
Kirk Cari Other WFSI
Kistenfeger Zak South Bickes Inc.
Kistenfeger Therese South Bickes Inc.
Klingenberger Mark Other WFSI
Knauer Robert Central Knauer Industries
Knauer Sue Central Knauer Industries
Knauer Conrad Central Knauer Industries
Knauer Arlene Central Knauer Industries
Kosins Katie Central Akron Concrete Products
Kottwitz Chuck Northeast Zeiser Wilbert Vault
Kottwitz Sandy Northeast Zeiser Wilbert Vault
Lewis Eric West Waterloo Wilbert Vault
Loflin Jones  Other Guest Speaker
Manthei Andy Other Pole Base
Markham Earnie Northeast Markham Vault
Markham Mylicia Northeast Markham Vault
Markham Jon Northeast Markham Vault
May Greg Central May Wilbert Vault
May Kate Central May Wilbert Vault
McCloskey PJ West Mickelson & Ray
McKinney Stephen Other WENZCO Supplies
McNeely Michael Other The Abbey Group
McNider Jeff South Gulf Wilbert
McNider Leigh South Gulf Wilbert
Minnick Mark Central Minnick Services
Minnick Alice Central Minnick Services
Moller Johnny West Waterloo Wilbert Vault
Moller Debra West Waterloo Wilbert Vault
Moore Ken Other WFSI
Naysmith David Northeast Longstreth Wilbert
Neiger Doug West Black Hills Wilbert Vault
Neiger Larry West Bayard Wilbert Vaults
Neiger June West Bayard Wilbert Vaults
Oldiges Matt Other Axis Corporation
Ott Daniel West Ott Wilbert Vault Co.
Ott Monica West Ott Wilbert Vault Co.
Parson Randy Central Bickes Inc.
Parson Connie Central Bickes Inc.
Pirozzoli Bob Northeast Norwalk Vault
Pirozzoli Phyllis Northeast Norwalk Vault
Pittman Melissa South Piedmont Precast
Prochaska Kirk Central Ohio Vault Works
Prochaska Mary Jane Central Ohio Vault Works
Ray Lance Other Pierce
Ray Denise Other Pierce
Reichle David Central American Wilbert
Roberts Heidi West Waterloo Wilbert Vault
Robinson Don Other WFSI
Robinson Lori Other WFSI
Roland Jeff Central Roland Wilbert Vault
Roland Nancy Central Roland Wilbert Vault
Salerni Dave Northeast Mead Wilbert
Sanders Dennis Central Wilbert Vault Paducah
Sanders Lisa Central Wilbert Vault Paducah
Schultz Jason Central Schultz Wilbert
Schultz Heidi Central Schultz Wilbert
Scruggs Stanley Other Cemetery Funeral Supply
Scruggs Judy Other Cemetery Funeral Supply
Signor Michael Other WFSI
Smith Marvin Other WFSI
Smith Erin Other WFSI
Stewart Matt Other WFSI
Stewart Misty Other WFSI
Sturrus Todd Central Grand Rapids Wilbert
Sturrus Jane Central Grand Rapids Wilbert
Suhor Joe Other WFSI
Suhor Carol Other WFSI
Sword Taylor South Asheville Wilbert
Sword Janet South Asheville Wilbert
Tiffin Jeff South Alabama Wilbert
Tiffin Kim South Alabama Wilbert
Toledano Udi Other Alleghany Capital Corporation
Toledano Janet Other Alleghany Capital Corporation
Traub Janet West Alberta Wilbert Sales
Traub Leonard West Alberta Wilbert Sales
Turcotte Jessica West Brown-Wilbert
Turcotte Zachary West Brown-Wilbert
Turner Steve Central Turner Vault
Turner Kim Central Turner Vault
Turner Ron South Arnold Wilbert
Turner-Vaughan Lisa South Birmingham Wilbert
Van Geyzel David Other Alleghany Capital Corporation
Vaughan Ted South Birmingham Wilbert
Velker Steve South Arnold Wilbert
Waldschmidt Dean Central Fond du Lac Wilbert
Waldschmidt Julie Central Fond du Lac Wilbert
Walgamuth Pat Central Akron Concrete Products
Walgamuth Shelly Central Akron Concrete Products
Walgamuth Bri Central Akron Concrete Products
Walker Jay West Wilbert Vaults of Houston
Walker Penny West Wilbert Vaults of Houston
Ward Richard Northeast Richards-Wilbert
Ward Laura Northeast Richards-Wilbert
Welzenbach Dennis Other WFSI
Welzenbach Dan Other WFSI
Welzenbach Amy Other WFSI
Welzenbach Mary Beth Other WFSI
Whitlock Terry Other WFSI
Whitlock Carla Other WFSI
Wilburn Ben South Wilbert Vault of Somerset
Williams John South Arnold Wilbert
Yates Robert South Yates Wilbert Vault
Yates Angela South Yates Wilbert Vault