Optional Activities for 2021 ANNUAL MEETING WMA Group

  • Fly fishing (8:30am)
  • ATV/UTV ride (8:30am)
  • Mountain biking  - Beginner (9am)
  • Guided hike (9am)
  • Mountain biking  - Intermediate (1pm)
  • Guided hike (1pm) 

  • Guided hike for guests (9am)

  • Trap shooting (2pm)

Activities are listed by their departure time from the St. Regis hotel. You can pay by ACH if you have a use-it-or-lose-it policy for 2019 extra funds. Contact us for more info.

In addition, we can recommend other optional activities, but you are on our own to schedule them.

Rates are gratuity and tax inclusive and are subject to change.

Fly Fishing

Catch the “Zen” as well as the fish on the Blue Ribbon Rivers, either the Weber or Provo, with world-class guides. All experience levels, especially novice, are welcomed. Flies, all equipment, guide, snacks, beverages and transportation are provided.

Recommended attire: You will want to come dressed for the weather. Wear a synthetic shirt, preferably long sleeve to protect you from the sun, along with either shorts or athletic pants. You will want to make sure you have sunscreen, sunglasses and a baseball hat to help protect you from the sun. You will also want to make sure you have a warm pair of socks, preferable wool.

==> Sign me up for fly fishing on Sunday.

Sunday, September 26 (8:30AM Start) | Duration: 5 hours | Cost: $210-$367 + 24 Utah fishing license per person (dependent on group size, max 3 per guide

ATV/UTV Guided Excursion

Guides will lead you through the beautiful Wasatch Mountains on an unforgettable adventure! The tour features large elevation changes with spectacular views along the way. Experiment either on groomed snowmobile trails or on the extensive ATV trail network, all skill levels are welcomed.

Sunday,September 26 (8:30AM Start) | Duration: 4 hours | Price:$68-$229 + taxes and gratuity (price varies upon vehicle selected)

 ==> Sign me up for ATV/UTV on Sunday.

Guided Hikes
  • Blood Lake Hike (Sunday, 9am) -Duration: 2.5 hours: Scenic high alpine trail, leading through a meadow surrounded by mountain peaks. A short 1.4 miles to Blood lake for those looking for a short option. For guests looking for a longer hike, they can continue onto Lake Lackawaxen making the outing 5 miles total. Trail starts at 9250 feet and climbs to 9500. Roundtrip transportation, guides, water and snacks are provided.
  • Dawns Trail (Sunday, 1pm): Departing from the edge of town, meander through aspen groves and evergreen forests on this 4 mile loop. Elevation starts at 7000 feet and climbs up to 7500. Guests can expect a primarily shaded trail with occasional views of the mountains and looking back at town. A great trail to spot a moose or other Park City Wildlife. Roundtrip transportation, guides, water and snacks are provided.
  • Snowtop Loop (For guests only ,Monday, 8:30am) Meet in the hotel lobby for a meet and greet coffee and then depart for the hike at 9:00am.- this short 2.5 mile loop will provide expansive views of Deer Valley and Jordanelle Lake as well as the Park City Ridge line. Gaining only 300 feet in elevation, this should be considered a hike that is not overly strenuous but still providing beautiful vistas. Perfect for the person looking for a few miles at a leisurely space with ample opportunities for photos. Round trip transportation, guides, water and snacks are provided.

Round trip transportation, guides, water and snacks are provided.

Recommend attire: Good hiking shoes, rain jacket, synthetic clothing (avoiding cotton is best), hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Sunday, September 26 | Blood Lake hike @9:00AM Start  or Dawn Trails hike @1:00PM Start – 2.5 hrs | Price:$100
Monday, September 27 | Snowtop Loop hike (with meet & greet at the hotel) @8:30am Start – 2.5 hrs | Price:$100

Mountain Biking (Beginner & Intermediate groups)

The first region to be rated a gold level destination by IMBA, Park City has invested heavily in trail development in the subsequent years. Scott full suspension mountain bikes, helmet, roundtrip transportation from the St. Regis, guide, water, and snacks are provided. Each bike has flat pedals unless SPDs or Crank Bros. are requested. Guide-to-biker ratio is 6:1 or less. 

Recommend attire: Clothing should be appropriate for the weather. Padded bike shorts are preferred but not required. T-shirts or synthetic jerseys are generally good top layers. On cooler days riders may want a windbreaker. Running shoes are great unless bikers would like to bring their own bike shoes. Sun glasses and sunscreen also very nice to have.

Sunday, September 26 |Beginner @9:00AM Start  or Intermediate@1:00PM Start | Duration: 3 hrs | Price:$143

Trap Shooting:

Enjoy shooting clay pigeons from a rustic trap shooting range located 20 minutes from Park City. Never shot before, not a problem! The instructors have over 50 years of experience and will assist throughout, making this an educational and very entertaining experience. The price includes 12 gauge shotgun rental, 2 boxes of shells (50 shells) per person, personalized instruction, safety glasses and ear protection.

Recommended attire: Guests will want to come dressed for the weather and wear closed toed shoes. Be sure to bring along hat, sunglasses and sunscreen as well. Guests are welcomed to bring phones but please no phones out while you are shooting.

Tuesday, September 28 | Trap Shooting | 2PM Start | Duration: 3 hrs | 8 person min| price:  $130

ON-YOUR-OWN Optional Activities: