Current registrants list for the 2022 WMA Regional Meeting in GULF SHORES

Last Name First Name Region Company Name
Velker Steve South Arnold Wilbert Corp.
Lewandowski Patrick Other BarChip USA
Bickes Cory Central Bickes Inc.
Fehrenbacher Randy Central Bickes Inc.
Hammann Jim South Bickes Inc.
Hammann Mary South Bickes Inc.
Hurt Danny South Bickes Inc.
Hurt Christi South Bickes Inc.
Kistenfeger Zak Central Bickes Inc.
Kistenfeger Therese Central Bickes Inc.
Parson Randy Central Bickes Inc.
Parson Connie Central Bickes Inc.
Nicholls Tod South Bickes, Inc.
Trotter Michelle South Bickes, Inc.
Turner-Vaughan Lisa South Birmingham Wilbert
Vaughan Ted South Birmingham Wilbert
Bolton Jim South Bolton Concrete Products
Brutsche Beth Central Brutsche Concrete Products
Brutsche Michael Central Brutsche Concrete Products
Brutshe Tim Central Brutsche Concrete Products
Hecox Ryan West Burlington Wilbert Vault
Scruggs Stanley Other Cemetery Funeral Supply
Scruggs Judy Other Cemetery Funeral Supply
Weekley Lynn South Columbus Wilbert Vault Co.
Weekley Nancy South Columbus Wilbert Vault Co.
Crummitt Rick Central Crummitt & Son Vault Corp.
Crummitt Abby Central Crummitt & Son Vault Corp.
Depue Charlie South DePue Wilbert Vault Company
Abbate Tommy Northeast Elm-Cap Industries
Abbate Cheryl Northeast Elm-Cap Industries
Evans Paul Northeast Evans Burial Vaults
Harkleroad Cortney Other Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Campbell Dustin South Ft. Branch Wilbert
Campbell Amber South Ft. Branch Wilbert
McNider Jeff South Gulf Wilbert Vault Co.
McNider Leigh South Gulf Wilbert Vault Co.
McNider Jim South Gulf Wilbert Vault Co.
McNider Bess South Gulf Wilbert Vault Co.
Ellis Kyle South Jackson Wilbert Vault Company
Ellis Becky South Jackson Wilbert vault company
May Darwin South Jackson, MS Wilbert
May Mary South Jackson, MS Wilbert
Josten Sandy West Josten Wilbert Vault
Josten Linda West Josten Wilbert Vault
Dishough Mia South Lawrenceburg Wilbert
Milliken Randy South Lawrenceburg Wilbert
Thomas Doug South Livingston Wilbert Vault
Thomas Renee South Livingston Wilbert Vault
Guest Gary South Master Grave Service
Guest Lacretia South Master Grave Service
Bonds Marcus South Memphis Vault Company
Bonds Ruth South Memphis Vault Company
McCloskey PJ West Mickelson & Ray Inc.
Burn Julie Other Mid-States Recycling
McKay Kevin Other Mid-States Recycling
Purcell Jackie South Nashville Wilbert Vault Co.
Early Tanya Central Ohio Vault Works
Elmore Jason West Omaha Wilbert
Elmore Alicia West Omaha Wilbert
Defrance Jeff Central Peoria Wilbert Vault Co., Inc.
Cameron Dale South Piedmont Precast
Cameron Renee South Piedmont Precast
Ward Richard Northeast Richards - Wilbert Inc.
Dean Todd Northeast Richards-Wilbert
Dean Kelly Northeast Richards-Wilbert
Brouse Jeffrey Northeast Ringtown Wilbert
Filozof Lisa Northeast Ringtown Wilbert
Schultz Jason Central Schultz Wilbert Vault
Schultz Heidi Central Schultz Wilbert Vault
Sexton Michael Central Sexton Wilbert Corp
Sexton Mitchell Central Sexton Wilbert Corp
Taylor Danielle Central Sexton Wilbert Corp
Banks Greg Central Sterling Vault
Banks Elish Central Sterling Vault
Banks Logan Central Sterling Vault
Banks Zoey Central Sterling Vault
Battaglia Nico Central Sterling Vault
Melcher Ethan Central Sterling Vault
Melcher Olivia Central Sterling Vault
Terrock Gavin Central Sterling Vault
Betts Charmar South Tupelo Wilbert
Turner Steve Central Turner Vault Co.
Easterling Randy Other University of Alabama
Faulkner Leslie Other US Drug Enforcement Admin
Wood Royden Northeast Washington Wilbert
Wood Kristine Northeast Washington Wilbert
Moller Johnny West Waterloo Wilbert
Moller Debra West Waterloo Wilbert
King John Central West Michigan Burial Vault
Moore Ken Other Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc.
Robinson Don Other Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc.
Whitlock Terry Other Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc.
Whitlock Carla Other Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc.
Anderson Boyd South Wilbert Greenville
Anderson Colt South Wilbert Greenville
Sanders Lisa Central Wilbert Vault Co. of Paducah
Sanders Dennis Central Wilbert Vault Co. of Paducah
Graves Cathy South Wilbert Vault Little Rock
Casada Rodney South Wilbert Vault of Somerset
Wilburn Whitney South Wilbert Vault of Somerset
Henery Brett West Wilbert Vaults of Houston, LLC
Henery Amanda West Wilbert Vaults of Houston, LLC
Anderson Lisa Other WMA